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Allplan Bimplus is a powerful tool for system-independent collaboration in BIM projects, across all disciplines. Allplan Bimplus is open to any software in the construction sector, via standard formats such as IFC and BCF – or via the API programming interface. There is even a direct link to the BIM-enabled Allplan solution. Using Allplan Bimplus you bring together the partial models of the professional disciplines for analysing purposes. The Task Board ensures efficient task management and easy access to Allplan Bimplus via mobile devices enables work from any location. Therefore, it is possible to plan, construct and operate buildings more quickly, more cost-efficiently and to a higher standard.

Clearly Arranged Document Storage

Use documents manager in Allplan Bimplus to upload documents and files in any format and provide them to other project participants for viewing or for downloading.

A Lot of Storage for Your Data

You receive 2 GB storage per user as standard on the Allplan Bimplus server and can add additional memory space at any time fully flexibly.

View Models in a Convenient Manner

The purpose of the viewer function in Allplan Bimplus is for viewing the building model. It is possible to turn, reposition or zoom and sections can be controlled in order to display certain perspectives. Amongst other things, the section function makes it possible to generate sectional planes in parallel to any existing surface. With a click on an object in the model – for instance a wall, column or ceiling – you determine the position of the sectional area in the room. This sectional area can now be shifted forwards or backwards which enables better analysis and control of the model in three-dimensional space.

Managing Tasks Efficiently

Via the Task Board you can manage tasks and communicate efficiently with planning partners. Together you discuss the tasks and when required, link them directly to the model, define responsibilities, priorities and due dates and communicate these in real time. Moreover, task editing is now governed by role-based access rights. The task creator can open and complete a task and the task editor can exclusively assign the task status “edited”. This results in clear responsibilities which makes it possible to plan with greater certainty.

Keep Up to Date

Allplan Bimplus notifies you automatically when a model is uploaded to your projects, when tasks are triggered or invitations sent.

Create Presentations Directly in Allplan Bimplus

Create presentations in Allplan Bimplus without having to access a different program. Via the “slide” function generate screenshots from the Allplan Bimplus viewer and use these to compile a slide show. A situation to be discussed with design partners in the model is thus displayed simply, quickly and in a real and tangible way. The slide show saves the settings of the Allplan Bimplus viewer on the particular slide and restores them immediately in the animation window if you click on the slide.

Rapid Overview with the Object Navigator

The object navigator is a filter function which you can use to select certain objects such as rooms or structural elements such as walls, ceilings or columns and colour highlight them in the model view. This facilitates model analysis.

Manage and Archive Revision Levels

With the revision manager in Allplan Bimplus you can manage the revision levels of the underlying model. If an amended version is uploaded by a model in Allplan Bimplus, a clock symbol appears next to the animation window and alongside a list of the revision levels. With a click on one of the listed revision levels you can open the corresponding revision level in the animation window and compare it with other revision levels. With the revision manager you can trace and follow the project history since no intermediate status is omitted.

Open to Any Software

The following interfaces are available for smooth data exchange via Allplan Bimplus: BCF1, BCF2, IFC2x3 (Import), IFC4 (Import and Export), Sketchup (Import). There is a direct link to the BIM-enabled Allplan solution.

Mobile with Allplan Bimplus

Access to Allplan Bimplus via mobile devices with touch screen functionality simplifies work from any location and leads to time savings in project management with Allplan Bimplus. The optimised touch functionality boasts larger controls and the option to navigate using multi-touch commands in the building model. This assures you of unprecedented convenience when using Allplan Bimplus on the move.

Wide Ranging Support

Allplan Bimplus provides you with comprehensive support: in Allplan Bimplus you will find a user manual containing detailed step-by-step instructions for working with Allplan Bimplus. Via the forum you can also exchange opinions with other users about your experiences and get tips. In urgent cases online support is also available – including Saturdays and on public holidays that only apply to certain federal states.


Term Unlimited
Number of projects Unlimited
Number of users with project management rights Unlimited
Storage per user 2 GB
BIM viewer x
Task board x
Email notifications x
Slideshows x
Object navigator x
Revision manager x
BCF 1,2 import and export x
Taske export in Excel x
IFC 2×3 & IFC 4 import x
Clash manager x
User right management Account owner or Project Administrator
Task board Allplan 2018 desktop integration x
Online documentation x
Community support x



User rights Account Owner
Project Adminstrator
Project Editor Project Viewer
Set-up of a new Allplan Bimplus project x
Administrate Allplan Bimplus team x
Administrate project members x x
Invite project members and set roles x x
Edit project details x x x
Create revisions x x x
View models x x x x
Download models x x
Upload models x x x
Delete models x x
View documents x x x x
Download documents x x x x
Upload documents x x x
Delete documents x x x
Provider of additional storage in Allplan Bimplus x

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