Functionality and design are what make the new fire station in Wellendingen stand out. This modern building is part of a village regeneration project. The existing fire station building in the center of the village had become too small and was demolished. A new building was erected on the edge of the village along the main thoroughfare. The challenge for md2. architects was to design a building that was distinctive, yet immediately recognisable to the public. A contemporary and functional building has emerged, which fits in both architecturally and artistically with the local environment.

The planners solved this challenge using their creativity, experience, and by using the powerful BIM software Allplan Architecture. Public buildings are the specialty and core repertoire of architectural firm md2, which was established in 2003 by Bernd Mattern and David Dominguez. The fire station in Wellendingen is one of many projects that the architectural firm has successfully planned using Allplan. The clients previous experiences helped to establish a high degree of trust and confidence – a good firm basis that, together with the Allplan BIM solution, proved to be the ideal combination.

From the first design phase to completion, the designers worked in the intelligent Allplan building model. Here they were able to bring together all project-relevant information throughout the entire planning and construction phase. This simplified not only coordination with the client and other project partners, it also prevented planning mistakes or errors, such as collisions between components, before they could occur.

Error-free planning across all building phases made it possible to implement quickly and effectively the functional requirements of a fire station. And this means barrier- and collision-free procedures on every level for the nearly 40 volunteer firefighters in Wellendingen. To achieve this, the building needed to provide carefully conceived planning with no obstacles for its users – from the moment they arrive in the parking lot and enter the building, to when they get changed, right through to when they enter and leave the engine bay on a call. The architects showed that they were ready for action too when it came to implementing the project: The typical long main section of the fire station creates a certain presence, with its clear geometry and functional use. Even the canopy roofs fulfill their purpose as recreational space and rescue surface areas.

The ground floor, an anthracite block, contains rooms for the crews and other amenities. Overhanging this in a striking fashion, the story above has a traditional gable. This is where the staff and recreational facilities are located, with training rooms, offices, and storage. The precise opening that runs from one gable wall to the other along the entire length of the building lends it a deliberate feeling of transparency. To the rear of the long main building is the operational area: the engine bay for four emergency vehicles, washing facilities, and workshops. Raw concrete and subtle color accents in red emphasise the operational areas of the building from the outside. The pure facade of the attached structural body adds a distinct accent with a glistening silver effect with Metallocryl coating – a high-quality coating originally developed for the exterior facade of the Allianz Arena in Munich.

″It′s important particularly for smaller architectural firms to work extremely efficiently. Allplan Architecture delivers accurate results without intermediate steps since quantities and costs can be derived from the model.″
Bernd Mattern, md2. Architekten

md2. was established in 2003 in Germany by freelance architects Bernd Mattern and David Dominguez. Their work covers a wide range of construction projects in all phases of the HOAI (the German fee scale for architects and engineers). The firm specialises in residential and industrial construction, and public sector buildings within Germany.

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