The largest office building of Baden-Württemberg using passive building standards is on the grounds of the Alter Schlachthof (″old slaughterhouse″) in Karlsruhe′s Culture and Creative Park. Vollack, the Karlsruhe specialists in advanced office and industrial buildings, is responsible for the project development, planning, and execution. Plans for 300 workstations, a restaurant with terrace for 60 guests, and a basement garage will be spread out over four floors on an area of 8500 m². Glass facades dovetail along the exterior and interior. An open atrium meeting place and numerous rest areas are available for a bit of relaxation.

Even as the Creative Park was first being conceived, planners were already thinking outside of the box: ″We looked very closely at the needs of later users and the demands of modern office environments,″ says Thorsten von Killisch-Horn, partner and CEO of Vollack. The results are thermal comfort, high energy efficiency, and a creative atmosphere that promotes creativity and communication. The decision to use passive building standards for the housing and building technology was a logical conclusion for planners – and not only as a means of complying with the energy requirements of tomorrow: ″This structural implementation is the ideal combination of energy sustainability and modern, process-oriented office spaces,″ says Klaus Teizer, responsible for Technology and Innovation at Vollack.

When implementing passive building standards, a holistic and integral approach to planning, as well as the smooth interplay of building and housing technology are deciding factors in correctly enacting Vollack′s own 4-phase method for building: development, planning, construction, and conservation of value. It is an attempt to harmonise approach, architecture, technology, and operational and organisational processes.

The high-performance BIM software Allplan assists in this process. The building strategist uses the planning tool at every level of activity. From initial designs to completion, the Karlsruhe specialists worked in the intelligent Allplan building model. Here they were able to bring together all project-relevant information throughout the entire planning and construction phase.

The methodical building design combined with 3D planning simplified the coordination between everyone involved in construction. The planning security across all phases made it possible to implement all project requirements quickly and effectively. Smooth, interdisciplinary co-operation is a requirement for realising projects like these both technically and economically. The exchange also increases understanding for the needs of other specialist planners.

″With our methodical approach, we can unite high demands in design and planning with sustainability and economic efficiency in implementation. Allplan is an ideal tool for doing this.″
Armin Koch, Head of Personnel, Controlling & IT at Vollack Group

High standards in design and planning go hand in hand with energy sustainability and economic efficiency during implementation. For Kreativpark, the focus was placed on a demanding architecture that provided energy security for the future and high comfort for building users. Baden-Württemberg′s largest office building using passive building standards is expected to be completed in the summer of 2015. It will be certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt.

When planning the building, Vollack placed great value on the urban incorporation into the new Karlsruhe cultural and business center, distinguished by the creative tension between the actual history of the location as a slaughterhouse and its use by artists and other creative professionals. The architecture′s cubic design is a reference to the stockyard. The metal facade is an allusion to the historical environment, while the vertical green surfaces in the facade are an opposing contrast to the large, sealed areas of the slaughterhouse grounds. One thing′s for certain: with this project, Vollack is setting new standards in modern office environments. ″Here, we can unite high design and planning demands with sustainability and economic efficiency during implementation,″ says Thorsten von Killisch-Horn.

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