The office of “wörner traxler richter” as one of the largest architectural offices in Germany, can look back on a 40-year tradition of planning and realisation of buildings to urban concepts and masterplans. During this time, it has specialised in health and university buildings and social housing. WTR relies on the strengths of the Allplan BIM software for all phases of its projects.

Offenbach Hospital opened in 1974 as a functional building: practical, utilitarian, and modern for its time. Over the years, however, buildings were added and extended, resulting in a disorganised, confusing, and almost unappealing piece of urban architecture. The new building is primarily designed to be a place of work and function. But it is true that it has become much more: a disciplined building without pathos, but not without poetry

The new Offenbach Hospital is the most modern in the Rhine-Main region of Germany, providing accommodation and treatment in line with the latest medical standards. Optimised building structures, strong colors, sophisticated lighting solutions, and an intelligent orientation concept: these allow this healthcare building to respond to the increased requirements and demands of a modern medical center.

In addition to the limited budget for such a complex project, there was also an extraordinarily large number of other constraints to take into account. These included the small construction site and its situation within the town plan. The building was developed on an individual basis for the city of Offenbach, its residents, and the specific site where it was erected. It is the architectural response to a long list of needs and requirements of all three.

Linking the new building in a visually harmonious way to the historic building, which was to be retained, was another task that had to be solved in a modern style and with one eye on the available budget. This was achieved with the special red tone palette of the facade on the new building matching the color equivalent of the old building with its red brick exterior.

With a usable area of over 29,000 m² and a floor space of just under 60,000 m², the new hospital building has space for six specialist centers, intensive and non-intensive care, operating and treatment rooms, examination rooms, and a central systems technology area. The versatile floor plan offers flexibility for changes in work processes, short routes for patients, staff, and visitors. This massive building of the future can even be structurally adapted and extended, if necessary, with an extra “wing” to the left and right of the building‘s main spine.

In the public area is the open entrance hall, a cafeteria over two levels, a shopping zone, a chapel, and Muslim prayer room. The operating areas and diagnostic facilities are located in the lower block. Patient care facilities with 724 beds and other hospital amenities are placed above the lower block.

“The intensive customer relationship existing between architect and software manufacturer leads to a customeroriented development of Allplan BIM software.”
Dipl. Ing. Dirk Hennings, wörner traxler richter

Warm colors and plenty of light were paramount when designing the freely accessible circulation zones of the new building. The facade exudes a lively and friendly feel with its bold red tones. The high level of transparency creates a gentle, light-filled, and colorful space. A harmonious lighting concept helps visitors quickly get their bearings as they approach the two-storey entrance hall through the main entrance. The warm red of the floor reflects against the white walls and ceiling elements. A specially designed directional system using attractive color and pattern accents helps patients and visitors quickly find their way to the right department or ward.

This large building complex also has many lines of sight between the various parts of the building to help with orientation. A number of interior courtyards have been created and designed in a variety of different colors using red, yellow, and green, which offer new color interactions depending on the time of day or season. The architecture of the new building also allows over the many deliberate facade openings, views of the surrounding neighborhood from a number of locations and the buildings optical integration into the overall urban landscape.

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